Services and Pricing


Swedish is the most basic and commonly known massage. Four different types of motion are used: effluerage (circular, smooth strokes), petrissage (kneading & skin rolling), tapotement (rhythmic percussion), & friction (warming up of tissues). Recommended if looking for mental & emotional healing or if lighter touch is preferred.
60 Minutes - $50
90 Minutes - $70


The Integrated massage is based on my personal style & routine which combines elements of Swedish, Table Thai, Sports, & Acupressure. It's great if you're recovering from injuries/surgeries & looking to reconnect with your full self. Come & try something new!
60 Minutes - $60
90 Minutes - $80


Based on what you'd like to address, I will choose the best essential oils to fit your needs. Each oil/oil blend has different healing properties that can help to release muscle tension, improve the immune system, balance emotional health, & more. The oils & a customized massage will help to connect mind, body, & spirit.
60 Minutes - $70
90 Minutes - $90

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine that uses glass jars to create suction to the skin. The fire is only used to remove the oxygen from the jars. The cups move blood and toxins toward the surface of the skin that could be chronically stuck in the deeper layers of tissue. This is great for the circulatory system and to relieve longlasting tension. 
60 Minutes - $55
90 Minutes - $75

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage uses the four different types of motion (effluerage, petrissage, tapotement, & friction) in a heavier, more vigorous manner. Usually geared toward areas with chronic pain and bad circulation, this massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to relieve tension and increase movement in the body. Recommended if experiencing more physical discomfort.
60 Minutes - $60
90 Minutes - $80


Neuromuscular therapy is a deep form of bodywork that's great for treating the "knots" we all seem to acquire. This is meticulous work that focuses on areas of overstrain, so a full body massage is unlikely. Overstrain will cause parts of the muscle to lack nutrients and blood, creating tension. Through deep breathing, pressure will be applied to these "knots", slowly releasing the muscular tissue.
60 Minutes - $70
90 Minutes - $90


Using pillows to prop you comfortably in the side lying position, this massage helps with reducing all the discomforts during pregnancy (backaches, cramping, stiffness, & swelling). A good belly rub can also help to connect mother & child. 
60 Minutes - $55
90 Minutes - $75

Scalp, Hands, & Feet

30 Minutes - $30



Package Deals

3x 60min Swedish Massages:
$135 ($45 each)

3x 90min Swedish Massages:
$195 ($65 each)

5x 60min Swedish Massages:
$200 ($40 each)

5x 90min Swedish Massages:
$300 ($60 each)


3x 60min Deep Tissue Massages:
$165 ($55 each) 

3x 90min Deep Tissue Massages:
$225 ($75 each)

5x 60min Deep Tissue Massages:
$250 ($50 each)

5x 90min Deep Tissue Massages:
$350 ($70 each)

$5 Add-Ons

Hot Towels, Essential Oils, Fire Cupping



$15 added to each fully priced service

Travel Fees: $20 (Denver-Metro/Boulder/Golden)

*Please schedule at least a week in advance

*Won't do In-Home Massages for Groupons